Recognition: API‚ investment and success in transformative leadership as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the areas of Infrastructure, Cloud, Analytics and Security.

Absolute Performance Earns IBM Top Managed Service Provider ‚ North America Leadership Award

Each year, from a field of thousands of Managed Service Providers (MSP‚), IBM recognizes only one company in North America with its award for Leadership in Technology and Innovation.

For 2015, they‚ve chosenAbsolute Performance.

A collaborative partnership focused on delivering business solutions that bring value, IBM is an integral part of our team supportive through:

  • Solution Focus: IBM and Absolute Performance have shared values that begin with listening to a client‚ challenges, and providing solutions that bring value.
  • New Product Development and Ideation: IBM is a wealth of knowledge and experience that always brings ideas and innovation to opportunities or solutions we‚re exploring.
  • Software Portfolio: With a value-based software portfolio second to none, including it‚ industry leading Q-Radar security software, IBM enables substantive initiatives to get to market quickly and cost effectively.
  • Speed: IBM‚ ability to move quickly and mindfully is formidable, and makes for a great business partner.

We are proud of our partnership with IBM and our shared vision for innovation, speed and growth that boosts API‚ strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace.