Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) has deep and proven experience across a range of cloud environments, software technologies and data & application modernization

Software & Modernization


API has experience in the operation, support and integration of a wide range of technologies.

Private Hypervisors

VMWare vSphereLinux KVMNutanix AcropolisMicrosoft Hyper-VIBM PowerVC

Operating Systems

IBM AIXHP-UXIBM i (AS/400)IBM Legacy zLinuxSolarisMicrosoft Windows

BI / ETL Tools

InformaticaPentahoMicrosoft Power BIQlik SenseSyncsort MIMIX ShareTableau

RDBMS (On-Premise & RDS)

Amazon AuroraIBM DB2InformixIngresMariaDB ServerMicrosoft SQL ServerMySQLOracle DatabasePostgreSQLSybase

Key Value Stores

CassandraGoogle Cloud DataStoreAWS SimpleDB

Object Oriented / Document Model DBMS

AWS DocumentDBIntersystems CachéMongo DB

MultiValue DBs

Rocket UniversejBase

Data & Application Modernization

API has engaged in a wide range of data and application modernization initiatives.

We generally start with small, high-value applications and modernize them and their data platform in order to enhance business processes, visibility and intelligence.  This is over and above modernization of infrastructure.

Examples of these initiatives include:

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