The services that Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) provides are described in this section and highlighted below:

Services Overview

24/7 Monitoring & Management: API’s 24/7 support team operates on a foundation of ITIL-based processes enabled by API’s patented SaaS-based System Shepherd technology. API people, process, and technology combine to provide powerful 24/7 Monitoring & Management capability.

Platform / Cloud Management: API supports a wide range of processing platforms including on-premise, colocation, private cloud and public cloud along with modernization strategies from planning through execution and ongoing operation.

IBM Legacy Support & Modernization: API has collaborated with many customers in creating and executing results-based ROI roadmaps of their modernization journey, beginning with Legacy support.

Disaster Recovery (DR): APIs business and technology expertise enables comprehensive Business Continuity Programs (BCP) and Disaster Recovery (DR) services.

Cyber Security: API helps companies prevent or recover from cyber and ransomware attacks with 24/7 protection of your critical digital assets.

Compliance: Audit and regulatory compliance are cornerstones of API’s service delivery framework.

Software & Modernization: API has experience in the operation, support and integration of a wide range of technologies from Legacy to many of the newest technologies.

Network & Telecom: API can help boost your network and telecom high availability and performance through a robust suite of 24/7 capabilities.

IT Outsourcing: Bring stability and enhanced performance to your information technology (IT) complex via one of two API’s engagement models: Remote Outsourcing or Full IT Outsourcing

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