Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) has a proven track record in modernizing a company’s applications and data to extend business processes and intelligence

Retail Case Study

Customer Profile

A regional retailer with more than 180 stores was struggling with the stability of its infrastructure and the visibility to effectively manage costs and marketing strategies.

The customer engaged Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) to stabilize infrastructure and provide visibility to improve the retailer’s top line while reducing its cost structure…which API accomplished in 60 days.

A case study with a focus on enhancing the retailer’s visibility into the business is highlighted in the slides below:

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    Retail Assessment & Strategy Framework

    At Engagement




    Regional Retailer
    180+ Stores

    Competitive advantage: eCommerce

    Private Equity sold business
    New entity engaged API


    Major manual effort / manipulation
    Data Silos
    • IBM Legacy Systems
    • Paper, Excel CSV, SQL, 3rd parties
    Data: Irregularities/erroneous
    Unable to scale

    ETL Modernization
    • Rationalize, Automate, Manage
    Data Warehouse: Centralize
    • BI / Data Analytics

    Data: Near real ltime / single source
    • Incresed sources by 10x+
    Visibility: Warehouse/Inventory
    • Increased turnover 20%
    • Revealed/sold $20M stale goods
    • Same store sales increased 10%+


    No ETL Tools
    No monitoring or management
    IBM Legacy on premesis
    • No effective Disaster Recovery
    No Cloud Strategy
    No App Strategy: Infrastructure centric

    Establish Data Warehouse
    • Snowflake in Azure
    Estabilsh Middleware transfer
    • Syncsort MIMIX / Python
    Legacy IBM > Python > Snowflake
    Control: API 24/7 monitoring & management

    Snowflake in Azure Cloud
    • Near real time data connections
    Mobile / IoT enabled


    Business: Corporate + 180 stores
    IT: Lack skills for modernization
    • Infrastructure centric and limited

    Business: Provide tools for visibility
    IT: Augment / become apps team

    Less: Manual file data manipulations
    More: Analysis and action


    Lack visibility & controls
    • Expense / revenue leakage
    Limited ability to measure / manage

    Visibility and controls
    • Measure & Manage

    Operating structure & standards
    • Measurable