First, we listen. Absolute Performance has a structured methodology that quickly enables an assessment of a client‚ strengths and vulnerabilities.

Our Approach

We work together with you to achieve a shared vision of your company‚ current state, and vision for the future across the five dimensions below, along with a high-level roadmap that bridges the current situation with the future potential.

  • Business: Products, services, overall performance (present, past and future), major initiatives, and competitive strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Process: The state of your core processes. For business, it aligns to activities in your value chain. For technology, it encompasses such areas as ITIL (runbooks, documentation, change management), security and operations.
  • Technology: The technology infrastructure including hosting, hardware, software, databases and applications, and how technology maps back to process and business.
  • Organization: Looking at the core organizational gravity centers of business, process and technology, and how they intersect to critical support functions.
  • Governance: How initiatives and decisions are created and advanced, service levels and how success is measured.
The output from an assessment is a dashboard-like view of critical areas highlighted by Red (high risk), Yellow (moderate risk) and Green (strength), along with deeper diagnostics and strategies, where applicable, to bring to Green within 90 days.