Minimize downtime, improve efficiency and reduce overhead with our team of dedicated IT Specialists.

IT Help Desk Services

Your business deserves rapid response times to each help desk support call you make. When you are struggling with a technology issue, you shouldn’t have to wait hours or days to have your needs addressed. Absolute Performance, Inc. offers reliable outsourced IT help desk support designed to provide assistance our partners can count on.

Eliminate Costly Overhead

Are your IT costs escalating? Is your staff frequently pulled off important company initiatives to resolve issues that arise? Is your IT staff stretched too thin? Are you dissatisfied with your IT team’s response times? Does your IT team get bogged down fixing employee issues? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then our IT Help Desk Services are your solution. Improve your IT team’s productivity and remain focused on what matters most with our reliable, fixed-rate help desk support options.

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    How Can We Help?

    Comprehensive Remote IT Help Desk Solutions:

    Expert Support:
    Our qualified IT professionals have the experience needed to resolve even the most problematic issues quickly and effectively. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing the world’s most talented IT experts are just a phone call away.

    Rapid Response Times:
    Our team of experts is available to assist you with all of your IT support needs. While the majority of service requests are resolved in a single phone call, if for any reason your problem requires a more in-depth solution, we’re ready.

    Improved Productivity:
    Our help desk services provide our partners with an easy, reliable method for resolving IT issues quickly and efficiently so you and your team can stay focused on what matters most.

    End User Friendly:
    Our help desk support team is dedicated to providing our partners with the highest quality IT support that is comprehensive and easy to understand.  No matter your level of IT knowledge, we will walk you through every step of the way to ensure your complete satisfaction.

    Custom Turnkey Solutions:
    No matter what type of help desk functions you need, Absolute Performance, Inc. can provide you with a complete and custom turnkey solution to meet your specific needs. Our IT help desk services provide efficient solutions to deliver immediate support to our customers.

    Focus On Revenue-Generating Activity

    As your business grows, your IT staff has less time to support critical business initiatives. By outsourcing your help desk, your internal IT staff can more readily focus on revenue generating activities rather than the day to day requirements of an internal help desk.

    Our Help Desk Support Includes:

    • Application support
    • User support
    • Technical support
    • Software support
    • User setup
    • And more!

    Examples Of Common Help Desk Issues:

    • Creating / removing users
    • Password resets
    • Printing problems
    • Shared drive access issues
    • Email issues
    • And much more…

    Submit An Help Desk Ticket:

    Absolute Performance, Inc. partners enjoy how easy it is to submit help desk tickets. You can call us, email us, or submit a ticket through our secure portal 24x7x365. Our team of IT professionals is available to answer your questions on demand. 

    Client Testimonials:

    API’s help desk has become a second branch of our IT department. Our internal IT team gets to stay focused on our core initiatives without the daily distractions of extraneous issues, while the rest of our departments still have easy access to a dedicated support team.

    – Mike; CIO (Retail)

    Because we don’t have our own internal IT team, the help desk has been a critical component of our services with API. Their customer service team is outstanding and is always willing to talk through all my questions even with my limited IT knowledge.

    – Michelle; CFO (Manufacturing)

    Being able to take advantage of the IT help desk service has significantly reduced the burden on our existing IT team, which has in turn improved our own productivity and response times.

    – Dave; IT Director (Financial)

    API’s IT help desk team is professional, courteous, responsive, and extremely knowledgeable. They have helped us solve a variety of problems we could not figure out ourselves, their response times are exceptional, and their level of customer service is top notch.

    – Karthick; CTO (Legal)