Absolute Performance, a leading Managed Service Provider (MSP), was recently awarded IBM‚ coveted Top Managed Service Provider North America Award for 2015 from a field of thousands of MSPs.

BCP/Disaster Recovery

One of the biggest advantages Absolute Performance brings is keen expertise in the underlying technology stacks ‚ whether for Linux, jBASE, AIX, or another solution. We can provide complete failover of file transfers between your centers or ours, which are located in Chicago, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky. In addition, we run continuous logs that can be rolled over between your environment, or our core processing and disaster recovery locations, and have never experienced a lag of more than 15 minutes in production. The Absolute Performance solution also provides:

  • High Availability (HA) architecture
  • Disaster Recovery in minutes
  • Zero capital expenditure required
  • Immediate recoverability and availability
  • Support for HIPAA or PCI compliant operating environments, including data protection and encryption