Absolute Performance is proud to be recognized by IBM in 2015 for Leadership in Technology and Innovation.

IBM AS400 / iSeries

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Building on a very successful relationship with IBM, one of the biggest advantages API brings is our keen expertise in the underlying technology stack of the AS400 / iSeries platform. Our capabilities in supporting the entire ecosystem from the hardware and operating systems to applications is unparalleled as we consistently overcome such operational challenges as:

  • Strained ITIL Processes: Change management, documentation, incident management and reporting that hinder the operation and scalability
  • Reactive / Weak Performance Visibility: Break / fix support up through the OS level making the proactive stance you want unattainable.
  • Regulatory Risk: Enabling regulatory or audit compliance to industry or market standards
  • Limited Technology Support / Skills: Depth and breadth of talent to continue your operations 24/7, and redeploy talent within the enterprise to initiatives that are more strategic.
  • Relocation / Sunsetting: Physically move or sunset your existing platform with minimal risk

Our core service offerings of Ublu Automation, Disaster Recovery, Operational Support and Management, and Relocation / Sunsetting are described below:

Ublu Automation

Absolute Performance, Inc. sponsored the development of Ublu, an open source tool to better meet customer process automation requirements. This initiative is in line with the latest IBM open source initiatives, and was highlighted by IBM at the August 2, 2016 OSS Conference.

Ublu is a domain-specific interpretive scripting language designed for automating IBM i OS tasks from any remote Java platform (Windows, Mac, Linux, etc.). It is open source and freely downloadable from https://github.com/jwoehr/ublu and is leveraged daily by Absolute Performance engineers to enhance the usefulness and flexibility of classic IBM i OS applications and business processes.

Disaster Recovery (DR) Support

Robust High Availability and Disaster Recovery capabilities including:

  • High Availability: AS400 disaster recovery environments engineered to be resilient to nearly any failure recovery time scenario up to and including minutes
  • Multiple Locations: Fully audited processing locations built just for AS400 implementation, management and support
  • Rapid Delivery: Our professionally managed implementations can have your DR site operational in as little as four weeks

Full Support and Management Services

Blind sided by operational issues, or struggling to staff for AS400 / iSeries?
Our 24/7 support model coupled with our proprietary management and monitoring tools built just for the AS400 platform creates a foundation that enables:

  • IaaS: The complete infrastructure stack you need to operate your business delivered as a service customized to your exact requirements
  • Rapid Delivery: Professionally managed implementation project can have you operational in as little as four weeks
  • 24/7 Proactive Support: Round the clock real time monitoring alarms, alerts, notifications and escalations as mutually defined with customer
  • Standardized: Maintain, configure and support Control-M environment
  • Easy: Implement, test and migrate to our cloud services in 2-8 weeks depending on your requirements OR we can manage your operating environment on site at your location
  • Transparent / ITIL: Transparency and responsiveness in everything we do through strict adherence to ITIL process
  • Compliance: HIPAA, PCI, IRS1075 and other compliant operating environments, including data protection and encryption

System Relocation / Sunsetting

As companies look to streamline their operations through system or data center relocations or sunsetting, AS400 / iSeries is frequently in those plans and Absolute Performance can help!

Absolute Performance has a simple, low risk economic four step model to quickly redeploy and save you money in AS400 / iSeries relocations or sunsetting.

Flexibility. In doing so, Absolute Performance can absorb your entire AS400 / iSeries operating environment, or partially absorb your operating environment as your requirements dictate.

Why Absolute Performance?

24/7 infrastructure ensures your technology infrastructure is always operating at peak levels. Leveraging an advanced IBM technology stack including highly available P-Series servers, Flash Storage, QRadar SIEM, and a senior AS400 support team we ensure you are always on the leading edge of performance and compliance.

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