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Five Benefits to Using Private Cloud Services

A growing number of organizations are opting to use private cloud services to speed innovation, avoid capital expenditures, increase scalability, and reduce reliance on internal resources for day-to-day support. 

Private cloud services can play a vital role in achieving business goals and ultimately delivering a more stable, secure operating platform. 

How can Absolute Performance help your organization?

1. Reduce Security Risks

Our customers are frequently in charge of large amounts of sensitive data and are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals. It is critical to safeguard that information in order to maintain regulatory compliance and avoid crippling fines and remediation costs. Running your mission-critical application on modern, supported, patchable hardware and operating systems is the first line of defense.

2. Save money by gaining predictability over IT resources.

It might seem like using existing in-house personnel would be the most efficient, cost-effective way to manage your environment. But you need to factor in the time and costs of training your team. Hiring individual experts is an option, though given the high demand for people with varying skills, doing so could be very costly. Meanwhile, the high turnover rate among IT professionals means that you might have to onboard new staff repeatedly. 

The real value of cloud comes from being able to offload so many processes that are traditionally done by your internal team, like deployments, infrastructure updates, and security processes. 

Partnering with Absolute Performance can reduce costs by providing industry leading expertise, eliminating the need to train and certify existing IT staff as well as the need to hire and retain new IT staff. Additionally, Absolute Performance can help you keep your costs under control by implementing proper governance, proactive management, and visibility.

3. Accelerate time to value.

The cloud promises agility. Absolute Performance cloud services allows you to have an environment (regardless of size) provisioned and / or expanded environments in a fraction of the time it would take to purchase, install, and configure infrastructure in your own data center.

4. Simplify Compliance

As you manage your own IT environment, complying with regulations must be a top priority. Demonstrating a strong compliance posture can help you stand out among competitors while also enabling you to protect sensitive information, but achieving this involves meeting hundreds of requirements and is extremely time-consuming. 

Working with a knowledgeable MSP can help simplify the compliance process, first by sharing responsibility for building and maintaining a compliant environment. Absolute Performance will also offer inheritable security controls—controls that you do not have to worry about implementing on your own.

5. Free Your Staff, Stay Ahead of Competition

By moving to a managed private cloud, you can free your in-house staff for more strategic activities—activities that drive value for your organization and your customers. 

Instead of working on daily environment upkeep, your team can stay focused on developing new apps, generating new insights, and delivering innovative services. 

That focus will pay dividends. When your staff has more time to concentrate on your core business goals, you can stay ahead of competitors.

Let API show you how you can extend the life of IBM i Power Systems with our private cloud!