Absolute keeps you ahead of today’s complex environment. Our holistic, systematic approach to the development, deployment and management of business applications results in a data analytics and business intelligence not available until today.

Enterprise Automation

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The intricacy and complexity of operational workflow processes such as file transfers, data transformation and ongoing security requirements is ever expanding. Absolute Performance can help overcome these challenges while saving you money, boosting performance and streamlining and automating operations.

Take Control

  • Fully automate the Collections workflow process
  • Hard dollar savings: Reduce operational headcounts
  • Realign key staff to core business
  • Standardize your infrastructure
  • Proven ROI
  • Use templates driven processes and replace custom field mappings


  • Auto-assign tasks/requests
  • Auto-convert emails to issues
  • Auto-escalate alerts or issues
  • Complete visibility and control of file management
  • Unified loader: Fully customized and aligned to your needs
  • Advanced file and file type transformation: Customize templates, clone existing data flows
  • Manage customer, vendor, & employee permissions


  • Robust monitoring, dashboard metrics & reporting
  • View unassigned, escalated, and open issues
  • Set alerts/notifications for issue submission and next steps
  • Standardize and optimize your infrastructure to scale
  • Audit Compliance and a comprehensive audit trail
  • Full analytics and analysis, historical file size/records
  • 24 x 7 monitored and managed

Why Absolute Performance?

EA is a software based service focused on automating data workflows ranging from external customer file transfer to internal data warehouse updates. Additionally, the data transformation and validation capabilities remove the need for the custom code (and EXPENSE) traditionally involved in new customer onboarding.

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Learn how Enterprise Automation from Absolute Performance can increase your company’s workflow output.

"We engaged with Absolute 5 years ago. They deliver rock solid, highly performance infrastructure and managed services to support our rapid business growth. The team is highly responsive, transparent and easy to work with."

− Large Midwest Medical Collections and Eligibility Organization

"Deploying Absolute‚ Enterprise Automation solution has radically transformed our Data Team operations from reactive to proactive. In the process we have been able to re-deploy more than 50% of the resource we previously allocated to that function and can now really scale that component of our business."

− ABC Collections

"API‚ Business Intelligence platform helped us to quickly grow sales by providing visibility across our organization and eliminating manual reports and cumbersome processes. Their people are highly competent and great to work with."

− XYZ Collections

"With Absolute Performance‚ 24X7 management of our systems, I sleep a lot better at night. The technology is proven and their team really knows what they are doing. I can now focus most of my attention to growing our collections business. Thank you Absolute Performance."

− BB Collections, Inc.