Our hardened and SSAE ‚ 16 audited facilities are built to provide a state of readiness to take all unforeseen risks out of the business due to any technology interruption.

Disaster Recovery

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Most agencies today relay on an entire ecosystem of technology-based applications to operate their business. Absolute Performance provides a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery encompassing state-of-the-art technology environments, high availability architecture and in the event of a severe outage, near realtime failover of an agency’s processing environment.


  • Core Infrastructure: Already requiring investment
  • Performance: Long running day-ends and sporadic user experience problems
  • Adequate DR: Limited capability to address customer, audit and business requirements
  • Multiple Single Points of Failure: Primary data center and core infrastructure are common points of failure
  • Audit | SLA Commitments: At risk or breakdowns in customer SLA and audit requirements


  • Isolated Tier3+ Data Center: Disaster recovery in a secure processing environment more than 500 miles from your primary environment
  • Near Real-Time Recovery: Through high availability (HA) and full disaster recovery architecture, recovery times range from seconds to 15 minutes for a full site recovery
  • Audit Enabled: SSAE-16 audited data centers and compliance support


  • Compliance: Business continuity is a cornerstone for regulatory and customer compliance
  • Business Continuity: Provides important ability to continue your key business processes in the event of infrastructure related outage minimizing the financial impact of an extended outage
  • Customer confidence: Provides reassurance to your customer base that your organization will be able to provide a consistent service level
  • Reduce Cost: Easing the burden of compliance reduces the cost of compliance

Why Absolute Performance?

Disaster recovery is the most essential but least sexy requirement of an Enterprise. Absolute Performance solutions align with the organizations strategies and procedures to return IT operations to the level of performance as quickly as possible following a disruptive event. Our replication and near real time services offer the protections you need to ensure you do not get caught on the wrong side of compliancy issues.

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