Innovative solutions, automated processes and custom tools that fully integrate disparate systems including CUBS, Dialer, Portal, CRM Sales and HR systems.

Business Intelligence

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Welcome to Absolute’s leading Business Intelligence platform. Get a competitive advantage through cost effective visibility into the trends, patterns and behaviors of your agency. Enable your team to make proactive and timely decisions to improve the company’s performance while providing customers with a simple to use client portal and reporting access point.

Get ahead of the manual support and operational issues and focus on innovative opportunities to grow the company. It’s time to leverage Absolute’s industry leading Cloud based SaaS platform.

Collections BI

  • Cloud based portfolio management for delinquent, defaulted and legal accounts
  • Get a holistic view across disparate systems, eliminate point solutions
  • Enable proactive and timely decisions & eliminate manual intensive client reports
  • Consolidate fragmented data stores & identify gaps in skills/productivity
  • Summarization of workflow movement activities through collections statuses and processes
  • Identify and react quickly to trends or patterns to re-assign skills
  • Get accurate, timely data with automated tools to make faster quantitative decisions


  • Simple, yet powerful open source solutions environment
  • High availability Enterprise Data Warehouse with flexible programmatic controls
  • Fully automated standard reporting infrastructure
  • Build once apply to many
  • Collections workflow management dashboard
  • Leverage any enterprise workflow automation solution
  • Stabilize, Automate and Innovate in a secure environment


  • Integrate disparate systems: CUBS, Ontario, Dialer, Portal, CRM, Sales, HR and more
  • Deep visibility into business, team and individual agent performance
  • Strong ROI through reduced cost of technology and alignment of collections strategies to maximize collector yield
  • Customer satisfaction & retention using portal reporting dashboard
  • Manage process efficiencies to reduce cost
  • Fully managed 24/7 so you can focus on your business

Why Absolute Performance?

Absolute’s BI solution consists of an ETL methodology and software, flexibly designed data warehouse, a consolidated reporting and dashboarding environment that enables customer and internal reporting and self service business analytics.

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Business Intelligence from Absolute Performance lets you gain a comprehensive view of your business in one place

"We engaged with Absolute 5 years ago. They deliver rock solid, highly performance infrastructure and managed services to support our rapid business growth. The team is highly responsive, transparent and easy to work with."

− Large Midwest Medical Collections and Eligibility Organization

"Deploying Absolute‚ Enterprise Automation solution has radically transformed our Data Team operations from reactive to proactive. In the process we have been able to re-deploy more than 50% of the resource we previously allocated to that function and can now really scale that component of our business."

− ABC Collections

"API‚ Business Intelligence platform helped us to quickly grow sales by providing visibility across our organization and eliminating manual reports and cumbersome processes. Their people are highly competent and great to work with."

− XYZ Collections

"With Absolute Performance‚ 24X7 management of our systems, I sleep a lot better at night. The technology is proven and their team really knows what they are doing. I can now focus most of my attention to growing our collections business. Thank you Absolute Performance."

− BB Collections, Inc.