Absolute Performance, a leading Remote Information Management Provider (RIM), was recently awarded CIO Reviews coveted Best in Class RIM/Company of the month Dec 2015 from a field of thousands of RIM Companies. Let us dramatically reduce IT expenditures and provide a faster, more reliable service to your business.

Advanced Security

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Attempts and successful breaches of data and files within organizations are growing at an alarming rate and underscoring the need for secure infrastructure. The pressures of compliance such as HIPAA, PCI and IRS 1075 are already expensive and time consuming. Absolute Performance can ease those challenges enabling you to spend more time driving your business forward.


  • Time: Extreme resource consumption
  • Cost: Deploying all of the tools required can easily run into 100s of hours
  • Complexity: Requires a skill set not readily available
  • Audit failure: Partial audit failures and their associated remediation requirements are becoming common
  • Lost Business: The risk of losing existing business and not winning new


  • Fully Managed: 24×7 coverage
  • IBM QRadar Powered: Upper right on the leaders quadrant
  • 24/7 Monitored: Proactive security delivered through continuous threat analysis
  • HIPAA audit logging: Architected approach for delivering, storing and analyzing the detailed audit streams now available from multi-value databases
  • Policies enforced: Embedded company policies inside the QRadar platform to ensure continuous audit enforcement and breach notification


  • Simplify audits: Standard reporting designed to meet customer audit requirements
  • Boost productivity: Enable staff to focus on the Collections business instead of dealing with compliance
  • Differentiate: Take a leadership position relative to the competition
  • Easy: Managed by Absolute-Performance
  • Proactive: Protected data by taking a forward leaning security posture

Why Absolute Performance?

Absolute leverages the industry leading IBM QRadar product set combined with compliance processes and 24×7 managed security services to help make your PCI, HIPAA, CFPB, SARBOX and Customer compliance requirements easy to achieve.

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"We engaged with Absolute 5 years ago. They deliver rock solid, highly performance infrastructure and managed services to support our rapid business growth. The team is highly responsive, transparent and easy to work with."

− Large Midwest Medical Collections and Eligibility Organization

"Deploying Absolute‚ Enterprise Automation solution has radically transformed our Data Team operations from reactive to proactive. In the process we have been able to re-deploy more than 50% of the resource we previously allocated to that function and can now really scale that component of our business."

− ABC Collections

"API‚ Business Intelligence platform helped us to quickly grow sales by providing visibility across our organization and eliminating manual reports and cumbersome processes. Their people are highly competent and great to work with."

− XYZ Collections

"With Absolute Performance‚ 24X7 management of our systems, I sleep a lot better at night. The technology is proven and their team really knows what they are doing. I can now focus most of my attention to growing our collections business. Thank you Absolute Performance."

− BB Collections, Inc.