Recognized leader in the Collections payment industry. Our patented solutions guarantee SLA‚ in a safe, cost effective environment that exceeds essential compliancy requirements.

24×7 Infrastructure

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One of the biggest advantages Absolute brings is keen expertise in the underlying technology stacks of an agency such as Universe, Cache, jBASE, Linux or AIX. Our experience in supporting your entire ecosystem of applications including collections software and ancillary support applications is unparalleled.


  • Financial / OpX and CapEx Intensive: Aging infrastructure results in costly periodic hardware purchases to meet capacity needs are required in the current scenario.
  • Technology Constraining Growth: Business growth is outpacing infrastructure, processes and technical ability
  • Strained ITIL Processes: Change Management, Documentation, incident management and reporting are hindering scalability
  • Reactive / Weak Performance Visibility: Little or no infrastructure performance visibility throughout the technology stack making the proactive stance you want unattainable
  • Regulatory Risk: Physical environment is not regulation or audit compliant. In addition, existing and potential new customer contracts are at risk of non-compliance with HIPAA Hitech and industry standard audits
  • Limited Technology Support / Skills: Small, broadly focused staff, manual processes, cost of talent and attention to infrastructure hold back resource hours which could be applied to initiatives with greater strategic impact.
  • Scalability: The TCS infrastructure, and plan for going forward, is not easily scalable and will require blocks of capital investment to support ongoing business fluctuations or growth.


  • IaaS: The complete infrastructure stack you need to operate your business delivered as a service customized to your exact requirements
  • Rapid: Professionally managed implementation project can have you operational in as little as four weeks
  • High Availability: AIX and Intel infrastructure environments engineered to be resilient to nearly any failure scenario
  • 24×7 Proactive Support: Your complete environment will be instrumented and managed by our highly experienced multi-value UNIX and Windows support staff
  • Standardized: Leverage our standard support processes and deployment approach enabling dramatic improvements in your compliance stance


  • Easy: Omplement, test and migrate in 2-8 weeks depending on your requirements
  • NO CapEx: Zero capital expenditure required
  • Highly Available: Immediate recoverability and availability
  • Transparent: Very high transparency and responsiveness
  • Compliant: HIPAA or PCI compliant operating environments, including data protection and encryption

Why Absolute Performance?

24×7 infrastructure ensures your technology infrastructure is always operating at peak levels. By leveraging an advanced IBM technology stack including highly available P-Series servers, Flash Storage, QRadar SIEM, and a senior support team with vast collections experience, we ensure you are always on the leading edge of performance and compliance.

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24×7 Infrastructure from Absolute Performance can increase your company’s ROI.

"We engaged with Absolute 5 years ago. They deliver rock solid, highly performance infrastructure and managed services to support our rapid business growth. The team is highly responsive, transparent and easy to work with."

− Large Midwest Medical Collections and Eligibility Organization

"Deploying Absolute‚ Enterprise Automation solution has radically transformed our Data Team operations from reactive to proactive. In the process we have been able to re-deploy more than 50% of the resource we previously allocated to that function and can now really scale that component of our business."

− ABC Collections

"API‚ Business Intelligence platform helped us to quickly grow sales by providing visibility across our organization and eliminating manual reports and cumbersome processes. Their people are highly competent and great to work with."

− XYZ Collections

"With Absolute Performance‚ 24X7 management of our systems, I sleep a lot better at night. The technology is proven and their team really knows what they are doing. I can now focus most of my attention to growing our collections business. Thank you Absolute Performance."

− BB Collections, Inc.