Absolute Performance helps clients to Save Money, Automate and Scale their business with innovative solutions that are changing the collection and portfolio management industry.

Collections Industry Solutions

Free ARM Industry Technology Assessment

Absolute Performance provides a free technology assessment you can use to improve your profitability and competitive advantage. Our proprietary structured assessment methodology is patterned after the approach used by some leading consulting groups the results of which can be applied to your business with, or without, our help.

Free Assessment

24×7 Infrastructure

One of the biggest advantages Absolute brings is keen expertise in the underlying technology stacks of an agency such as Universe, Cache, jBASE, Linux or AIX. Our‚ experience in supporting your entire ecosystem of applications including collections software and ancillary support applications is unparalleled.

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Enterprise Automation

The intricacy and complexity of operational workflow processes such as file transfers, data transformation and ongoing security requirements is ever expanding. Absolute Performance can help overcome these challenges while saving you money, boosting performance and streamlining and automating operations.

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Business Intelligence

Welcome to Absolute’s leading Business Intelligence platform. Get a competitive advantage through cost effective visibility into the trends, patterns and behaviors of your agency. Enable your team to make proactive and timely decisions to improve the company’s performance while providing customers with a simple to use client portal and reporting access point.

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Advanced Security

Attempts and successful breaches of data and files within organizations is growing at an alarming rate and underscoring the need for secure infrastructure. The pressures of compliance such as HIPAA, PCI and IRS 1075 are already expensive and time consuming. Absolute Performance can ease those challenges enabling you to spend more time driving your business forward.

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Disaster Recovery

Most agencies today relay on an entire ecosystem of technology-based applications to operate their business. Absolute Performance provides a comprehensive solution for disaster recovery encompassing state-of-the-art technology environments, high availability architecture and in the event of a severe outage, near realtime failover of an agency’s processing environment.

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