Background: Absolute Performance has been a partner of CenturyLink (CTL) for more than 12 years, providing end-to-end monitoring and managed services to many of CenturyLink‚ most valued government and commercial customers.

CenturyLink® Technologies (NYSE: CTL)

Industry: Hosting, Co-Location & Cloud Services

CTL represents a broad range of businesses from small, privately held companies to Fortune 100 enterprises.

Why Absolute Performance?

Absolute Performance represents a single source service provider, offering a comprehensive view of monitoring and managed services to encompass the entire IT stack across a hybrid set of technologies:

  • Remote Infrastructure Management (RIM) on a global scale
  • Dashboard and deep diagnostics of the entire IT stack to bring greater visibility from the OS layer through database and application, across a hybrid of technologies including Unix and Windows.
  • User experience monitoring and measurement of critical response times
  • Rapid deployment of the Absolute Performance solution with full implementation timelines that generally range from 2 to 6 weeks, depending on customer configuration and scope.
  • Database and Application Break/Fix capabilities as customer requirements dictate.
  • Cloud migrationmethodology and process enabling customers to migrate from physical devices to a Cloud environment.
  • Domain expertise from working with CenturyLink Technologies and years of delivering to the Hosting, Co-Location and Cloud Services industry.
  • 24/7 Support to ensure customer systems are operating at peak performance.

Results: Through years of working together as partners, CTL has been influential in the design, integration and evolution of the Absolute Performance service capabilities across CenturyLink‚ customer base. The successful delivery of Absolute Performance‚ services is tightly integrated with the CTL sales support process, delivered within the CTL infrastructure, integrated into ITIL processes and the First Touch Response NOC. Absolute Performance is proud to have earned its strategic partner relationship with CenturyLink and a base of satisfied, referenceable CTL customers.