Cost-effective solutions for enhancing, optimizing and managing your AS400 / iSeries platform.

IBM AS400 / iSeries Services

Has the shrinking talent pool of qualified AS400 / iSeries engineers left your environment at risk? Is AS400 no longer able to support your growing business needs? Do your operating systems need an upgrade without the extensive costs associated with updating your hardware? Are your current operating systems holding you back from exponential growth? Absolute Performance, Inc. offers a variety of cost effective solutions and support for all of your AS400 needs.

Why Outsource Your AS400 / iSeries Support?

The time, resources, talent, and costs associated with managing your AS400 / iSeries environments can quickly become cumbersome for many businesses. By outsourcing your AS400 needs, you can leverage our dedicated team of experienced engineers and private, secure tier 3 data center clouds all for one flat monthly fee. With over 20 years of experience with AS400 systems, the Absolute Performance, Inc. team has the expertise and capacity for any size project.

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    How Can We Help?

    Our IBM AS400 Solutions:

    AS400 / iSeries Support & Maintenance:
    Looking for technical support for your AS400 systems? With the dwindling engineering resource pool, finding help with day-to-day technical issues for your IBM i systems can become a burden on your team. Let the experts at Absolute Performance, Inc. provide the peace of mind that comes with round the clock technical support.

    AS400 / iSeries Migration:
    Reluctant to upgrade your software due to the hardware costs associated? Updating your hardware and software simultaneously? AS400 migration moves your operating systems to the cloud which means you never have to worry about the restrictions or workload of moving or upgrading your systems again and seamlessly transition from a capex to an opex operating model.

    AS400 / iSeries Modernization:
    Are your AS400 limitations preventing your business from moving forward or adapting to changing economic environments? Get access to new features, applications and uses for your existing systems and do more with AS400 modernization.

    Why Choose Absolute Performance, Inc.?

    Recognized by IBM with its prestigious award for leadership in technology and innovation, Absolute Performance, Inc. is an industry leader in the provisioning of IBM i (AS400 / iSeries) managed services. With capabilities spanning the entire IBM i ecosystem from hardware and operating systems to applications we consistently overcome operational challenges to support your business.

    24/7 Support: Monitoring Built Specifically for IBM i
    Our 24/7 support organization creates a foundation that enables IaaS, 24/7 support, ITIL, compliance and much more.

    System Relocation / Sunsetting: API Can Streamline Your Operations
    Absolute Performance has a simple, low-risk economic model to quickly redeploy and save you money in IBM i relocations.

    Free Ublu Automation: Lifecycle Extension Language
    A leading IBM i process automation engine recently showcased by IBM at the August 2, 2016 Open Source Systems (OSS) Conference.

    Rapid Delivery: Because Time Matters
    Professionally managed implementations can have your Production and / or DR site operational in as little as four weeks.

    High Availability: Minimize Service Outages
    IBM i disaster recovery environments are engineered to be resilient to nearly any failure recovery time in minutes, not hours or days.

    And Much More: Our Capabilities are Unparalleled
    By continuing our investment in the IBM i platform daily, we deliver better management, monitoring, and engineering.

    Is AS400 / iSeries Dead?

    With extremely efficient processing and undeniable stability, it’s no wonder why there are over 100,000 companies that still use AS400 – from finance and retail to manufacturing, hospitals and more. But because the system is perceived as outdated, the talent pool of qualified engineers is shrinking, and there are a variety of limitations with outdated systems… many believe AS400 is on the path to extinction. While the platform does not come without its own set of challenges, the truth is that AS400 is more popular than ever. Due to its scalability, security, reliability, compatibility, and opportunity for modernization, AS400 / iSeries remains one of the most powerful operating systems on the market today. And as the platform continues to evolve – becoming increasingly robust, embracing modern technologies, and giving many of the world’s top organizations a competitive edge – the Absolute Performance team is proud to be a leading provider in AS400 support.

    IBM AS400 / iSeries Recognized Partner

    Absolute Performance, Inc. earned IBM’s Top Managed Service Provider (North America) Leadership Award for Transformative Leadership as a Managed Service Provider (MSP) in the areas of Infrastructure, Cloud and Analytics. Each year, from a field of thousands of Managed Service Providers (MSP), IBM recognizes only one company in North America with its award for Leadership in Technology and Innovation.

    IBM recognized Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) with this coveted award underscoring a collaborative partnership focused on delivering business solutions that bring value through:

    • Solution Focus:  IBM and API have shared values that begin with listening to a customer, their challenges and providing solutions that bring value.
    • New Product Development and Ideation:  IBM always brings ideas and innovation to opportunities or solutions that we’re exploring.
    • Software Portfolio:  With a value-based software portfolio second to none, IBM enables substantive initiatives to get to market quickly and cost effectively.
    • Speed:  IBM’s ability to move quickly and mindfully is formidable, and makes for a great business partner.

    We are proud of our partnership with IBM and our shared vision for innovation, speed and growth that boosts API’s strategic competitive advantage in the marketplace.