AS400 / iSeries Support & Maintenance

Looking for technical support for your AS400 systems? With outdated variations no longer supported by IBM, finding help with day-to-day technical issues of your AS400 systems can become a burden on your team. Let the experts at Absolute Performance, Inc. provide the peace of mind that comes with round the clock technical support.

Because many of the IBM legacy (AS400 / iSeries) versions have reached the end of their support life with the manufacturer, third-party software support solutions may be necessary to keep your operating systems running in top shape. Our expert engineers have been working with IBM legacy solutions for over 20 years and are able to provide a variety of support options to meet your business needs.

AS400 Migration

What Is AS400?

AS400 – also known as AS/400, iSeries, IBM Legacy, IBM i, eServer, or System i – forms the foundation of some of the most powerful servers and operating systems in the market. Over 100,000 companies worldwide use AS400 to power their most critical applications. Due to its scalability, security, reliability, compatibility, and opportunity for modernization, AS400 / iSeries remains one of the most powerful operating systems on the market today.

What Industries Utilize AS400?

To this day, AS400 is one of the most efficient operating systems for processing large unique data entities, most commonly seen in computer software, finance, retail, manufacturing, hospitals and other industries requiring large inventory systems or complex data variations. Because of the sheer volume of data managed, the complexity of the data involved, and the effectiveness and adaptability of AS400 to process this data, very few users indicate any intent to move away from the platform.

Why Do You Need AS400 Support?

As IBM releases new upgrades of the AS400 / IBM i software, it subsequently discontinues support of older versions. What this means for businesses still running versions prior to P7 is that they have to rely on either in-house talent for your technical support, find a third-party to provide your technical support, or upgrade to the latest version of AS400 to receive support directly from IBM. As a large amount of qualified AS400 engineers are reaching the age of retirement and the talent pool of individuals able to support older versions of this platform is shrinking, the need to find reliable expert support for your AS400 systems is critical to keeping your systems functional.

How Do We Support AS400?

Absolute Performance, Inc. has been offering AS400 support, migration and modernization solutions to clients of all sizes for over 20 years and is one of the few companies to be nationally recognized as an IBM Partner for AS400 support. Our team has been around through various software updates over the years, and is skilled in the unique challenges faced by both old and new iterations of the platform. Whether you are in need of technical support or are looking for support in adapting your version of AS400 to be more compatible with your business’s growing needs, the API team has the skills and expertise to solve all your AS400 support needs.

AS400 Migration Support

Whether you are still in the consideration phases for your AS400 migration strategy, or have already migrated your systems to the cloud and are needing additional support, the Absolute Performance team is here to help. Our expert team of IT Consultants can help you to identify the best course of action for migration, or determine alternative solutions to migration, all based on your business goals and needs. Learn more about AS400 Migration here. Alternatively, if you have already migrated your systems and find yourself in need of additional support, our Cloud Management & Support services may be the answer.

AS400 Modernization Support

Get the most out of your existing AS400 software without the costly hardware updates or migrating to the cloud. Our expert team of IT Consultants and AS400 Engineers work with your existing systems to apply new applications and features based on your business’s needs to help exponentially scale growth and functionality of your OS. Learn more about AS400 Modernization here.

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