AS400 / iSeries Modernization

As new technologies and devices emerge and transform the way we conduct business, there is an increasing demand to modernize AS400 / iSeries applications to harness greater value. If your existing AS400 applications are impeding your business growth, but you still have reservations about migrating to the cloud, modernization can be leveraged to improve the agility, scale and speed of your existing environment. 

While AS400 – also known as AS/400, iSeries, IBM Legacy, IBM i, eServer, or System i – forms the foundation of some of the most powerful servers and operating systems in the market, and is still considered one of the most efficient operating systems for processing large unique data entities, you may still experience limitations within these applications that can hold you back from scaling your business and adapting to changing economic environments. Modernization is one of many solutions that can be utilized when upgrading your existing AS400 applications. The Absolute Performance, Inc. team works with you to determine the best solution for upgrading your AS400 systems based on your unique business needs and resources available.


What Is AS400 Modernization?

AS400 Modernization is a method used for upgrading your AS400 systems to include more features or improve functionality without having to upgrade hardware, migrate to the cloud, or make any other substantial changes to your existing systems. 

Why Would AS400 Need To Be Modernized?

Modernization is especially beneficial for users who have complex integrations within their AS400 systems or are hesitant to migrate to the cloud but are still looking for upgraded functionality and features that can help scale their business. Due to complex third party integrations, unsupported operating systems, monolithic code, and even lack of funding – many businesses find that modernization is the best solution to fit their existing needs. Modernization provides businesses with a low cost solution to enhance agility, reduce manual dependencies, and improve performance.

How Do We Modernize AS400?

  • RPG: While RPG has been the main programming language used for IBM AS400 for over 30 years, many organizations have accumulated multiple versions of this code over time – from RPG I, RPG IV, free RPG, and ILE functionality – making their applications difficult to maintain. API helps our customers upgrade old RPG into new optimized and modular RPG ILE.
  • DB2: Most AS400 applications are tightly coupled with their database, meaning any changes to the database requires subsequent recompilation of the dependent applications, which can be time consuming and error prone due to its diverse technical challenges. The API team helps to mitigate these challenges when modernizing databases and applications to achieve optimal performance, agility and flexibility. 
  • DevOps: DevOps provides businesses with a way to adopt end-to-end application enhancements quickly by improving collaboration between development and operations departments to streamline the application delivery process. API helps to enhance speed, quality and reliability through automation of core development tools.

What Systems Do We Modernize AS400 To?

  • SQL Servers: AS400 modernization to SQL servers or to any other advanced database will help many businesses retain large volumes of information and leverage core business logic, which enables small applications to run independently or along with ERPs.
  • Re-Hosting: This is one of the highly suitable approaches from an end user’s perspective as existing interfaces or functionality are kept unchanged. It is highly advisable to identify a remediation plan before migration.
  • Re-Engineering: This helps AS400 applications and processes to access cloud-native workloads for future-proof architecture. This approach is recommended when existing AS400 applications are unable to meet future-state business requirements or agile target architecture.
  • MongoDB: Absolute Performance, Inc. is a proud partner with MongoDB which offers an agile modernization roadmap for a seamless development approach.

Why To Outsource Your AS400 Modernization

Due to the variety of technologies, databases, supporting softwares, and varying code utilized to develop systems – a one-size-fits-all solution for AS400 modernization is unlikely to succeed. The Absolute Performance, Inc. team leverages our IT Consultants and AS400 Engineers to develop a customized approach that increases agility while delivering consistent business value. With over 10 years of experience in modernizing AS400 systems, our teams have seen a diverse portfolio of client modernizations in order to determine the best course of action and cost benefit analyses tailored to meet your needs.

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