Absolute Performance, Inc. (API) supports the technology needs of the Accounts Receivable Management industry. Our diverse customers each employ 25 to more than 1,000 agents supporting major banks, credit card companies, healthcare organizations, and government entities.

Accounts Receivable Management (ARM)

API has a proven track record of extending the runway of technology investments for a wide range of ARM firms that extends into the Top 100 agencies.

This overview highlights the challenges we often see and our capabilities to overcome and enhance the competitive standing of our customers.

ARM Challenges

The proliferation of new technologies over the years, coupled with the ongoing management and support of critical systems and technology creates challenges for the ARM industry including, but not limited to, the following:

  • Growing need for investment in information technology (IT)
    • Capital expenditures and potential accompanying personal guarantees
  • Never-ending audit and regulatory compliance
  • Attrition or risk of knowledge flight of technology personnel
  • Atrophy of technology processes and documentation
  • Interoperability between older and newer technologies
  • Lack of adequate disaster recovery (DR) and backups
  • Protection from the growing risk of ransomware and cyber attacks

Extend Your IT Investment Runway with API

With deep experience in support of some of the leading ARM technologies such as Columbia Ultimate, Ontario, Universe, PICK, Cache, Windows, Linux, Avaya, LiveVox and more, API can help through:

  • Free Healthcheck: An easy, quick assessment of your environment and best economics roadmap
  • No More Capital Investment: API can fulfill your processing requirements for a monthly fee aligned to almost any budget with no personal guarantees
  • Full Compute Processing: Provision and ongoing support of all compute and network hardware and operating system (OS) software for the provision of your applications software
  • 24/7 Monitoring, Management and Support: Comprehensive 24/7 support of your IT environment
  • Process and Documentation Refresh: Through its ITIL-based approach, API refreshes and stabilizes through systemic patches, updates, documentation and change control
  • DR and Backups: API can provide either, or both
  • Audit and Compliance: API can augment your IT audit and compliance requirements for PCI, HIPAA, SOC and more
  • Staffing Continuity: Stability in IT staffing, skills augmentation and minimizing the risk of attrition
  • Migration: Proven migration completed within 45 to 90 days

Modernization & Digital: The Future

Rapid advances and adoption of digital communications channels have created significant opportunities in the industry to vastly improve agent productivity and control costs.

API can help your agency quickly gain a competitive and time to market advantage with its capabilities and integration of:

Digital contact strategies such as SMS and Email
Enhanced screen navigation
Quality assurance (QA) management with artificial intelligence (AI)
Payment portals
Data warehouse / business intelligence (BI) enhancing performance visibility
Data analytics
Workflow automation for letters, file management, and more

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