Absolute Performancewas founded in 1997 as a consulting company that developed tools to help clients manage their ERP environments, such as Lawson, Baan and JD Edwards.

Our Industries


For ARM/Collections agencies, Absolute Performance provides the expertise and technology solutions to help meet strict regulatory issues and HIPAA and PCI compliance while providing tangible performance and process improvements, all at a reduced cost. Absolute Performance has proven expertise across multiple third party collections software platforms, and can successfully transform an agency‚ core and disaster recovery infrastructure in under 60 days. The upgraded infrastructure results in lower costs for the agency and eliminates all future capital expenditures while providing 24/7 support. Additionally, Absolute improves visibility into an agency’s business performance, provides enhanced security, and can transform paper processes into electronic as value-added services.

Hosting, Co-Location and Cloud Providers

As a hosting, co-location or cloud provider, you know the importance of offering value-added solutions for competitive advantage and client retention. Absolute Performance proactively engages and implements a holistic suite of proven tools and technologies for monitoring, systems management, and database and applications break/fix for the entire IT stack across hybrid technologies and multiple customer sites as desired. Absolute also provides low cost, on-boarding structured migration services which define and confirm that targeted applications are suitable for cloud hosting, defines the architecture for the cloud and lays out a migration path that mitigates business disruption.


The U.S. healthcare industry is the largest individual market space in the world, and continues to grow year after year. With growth has come greater evolution and reliance on technology and process automation. Streamlining a paper-heavy, compliance-driven industry is an extremely complex process. Absolute Performance brings the expertise and enterprise solutions to help healthcare organizations optimize their systems and processes, effectively integrate diverse platforms, maintain and manage compliance and regulatory issues such as HIPAA and HITECH, and ensure security and scalability across the enterprise network.

3rd Party Software Companies

In this highly competitive industry, strategic competitive advantage is essential to survive and grow. As the infrastructure of end-customers reaches its end of life, Absolute Performance has a range of services to augment or transform an end-customer’s infrastructure, thereby extending the relationship. In addition, Absolute Performance has the capabilities to redevelop the software and infrastructure platform providing an enhanced technology refresh to the marketplace.


Public sector organizations are burdened with performing business processes while managing constant changes in regulations and administrative policies. The right infrastructure and use of information technology can play a critical role in helping these organizations streamline processes within a secure, stable, and scalable environment. Absolute Performance brings the right combination of technology and IT expertise with proven solutions for effective business process transformation to meet the needs of today’s‚ government organizations.

Retail and Supply Chain

Retail and supply chain companies must satisfy customers and meet demand within thin profit margins; creating greater operational efficiencies and productivity across their systems and processes is more important than ever. Absolute Performance can help retail and supply chain companies more effectively use and manage technology and infrastructure solutions, as well as transform business processes for greater efficiency. Absolute Performance can provide hosting services to help minimize CapEx and provide the appropriate infrastructure to meet your system security and scalability needs. Absolute’s System Shepherd® platform provides 24/7 application management and infrastructure monitoring to provide an enterprise-wide view of system performance.