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WebWalkTM End-User Experience Monitoring

Are your end-users getting the performance they need out of your web-based applications?  Measuring the performance of the infrastructure components underlying your web-based application may not guarantee that the application is performing to end-user expectations.

WebWalk™ Features Allow You to:

  • Simulate end-user experience from any customer-defined location to keep tabs on real end-user performance relative to application availability and customized service level agreements.
  • Validate page and/or database content
  • Monitor and validate multiple links or steps in your transaction process
  • Time each page access or transaction response
  • Sample Web-based performance metrics from an end-user perspective to easily analyze and cross-correlate end-user experience data with performance data from the underlying application components.
  • Receive immediate notification when performance fails below established parameters in order to resolve root causes of a performance degradation or outage.

WebWalk™ Results Display in the System Shepherd Dashboard
WebWalk™ data is accessible through the System Shepherd Operations Management Portal and the System Shepherd Executive Dashboard. This empowers IT administrators and business executives to: